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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Closer To The Bone

Tomorrow morning at 9 a.m., Oregon Public Broadcasting's radio program "Think Out Loud" will feature a discussion and call in about "PERS" in the current economy. The show airs on all public broadcasting stations that are part of the OPB network. It is 91.5 FM in Portland and at other frequencies around the state. It also streams live (and delayed) here. I don't know for certain who is on the show (I am not, that much is certain), but I know that invitations have been extended to Paul Cleary, Executive Director of PERS, Greg Hartman who represents the PERS Coalition, someone from OPRI (not sure who), possibly Ted Sickinger of the Oregonian (author of the latest hit piece on PERS), and probably one or two other luminaries - perhaps Bill Gary or someone who represents the employers. The show has a blog organized by topic (the show tomorrow already has about 10 posts), which is supervised in real time, as well as an opportunity to call in and make points and ask questions. I encourage all to listen to this show. Emily Harris, the show's host, is an exceptionally good interviewer and host, and this is an opportunity to learn what some of the public policy issues might be when the 2011 legislature convenes. Just remember that both the Oregonian and the Statesman Journal have published recent hit pieces on PERS and they've catapulted PERS into the public eye, yet again. Each time they strike, the outcome cuts closer to the bone. Be aware, be alert, listen, and call.


MollyNCharlie said...

Interesting show! Marc, thanks for all the work you did on the Think Out Loud blog for this PERS discussion. You helped keep the discussion more factual and somewhat away from public employee bashing. Even after the show aired, the blog discussion has continued to be interesting.

I felt that Phil Keisling is setting himself up to run for higher office by stabbing public employees in the back while asking their unions for contributions. While I'm a life-long Democrat I will not give this man a single dollar, or work a phone bank or canvas door-to-door for him. He clearly does NOT value public workers!


mrfearless47 said...

Well, what he seems to want is to hoist the unions on their own petards by forcing them to give up significant benefits at the bargaining table rather than through legislation that can be tied up in the courts. Got to give him points for cleverness even though a quick read of his paper shows a miraculous misunderstanding of just what is negotiable in the PERS contract.