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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Throw a Stone

For those of you who listened to OPB's "Think Out Loud", which aired this morning from 9-10, you would have found one of the guests to be a bit of surprise. Phil Keisling, former Oregon Secretary of State, was there to discuss his latest "PERS Position Paper". While I had heard rumors of such a document, I was neither certain of its authenticity or its authorship, much less its contents. Well, now we know the document exists and its author is Phil Keisling. The latest version is 36 pages long and is dated October 12, 2009. I have located a copy and have posted it here. Read it and understand that Kiesling has thrown the first stone into the pond called PERS in advance of the 2011 Legislature. Perhaps Kiesling is running for something, or just wants to stir up trouble. One thing is for sure is that active PERS members will certainly need to be on their guard before the next set of bad shoes drop.


mrfearless47 said...

Just a quick followup. Those of you who didn't get an opportunity to listen to "Think Out Loud", it rebroadcasts (not live) tonight at 9 pm on your local OPB radio channel. There is also a streamed version that you can listen to at your convenience by logging into the OPB website (http://www.opb.org/TOL). This is an important show as the first of what looks to be many salvos at the PERS system were unveiled today.

TruthSeeker said...

35 years working in Oregon in the schools. 35 years of being trashed by Oregonians as a mutant parasite on the economy. Enough...but obviously, not enough for the good citizens of Oregon. They will not be happy until public employees are standing in line at the food banks where they belong!

mrfearless47 said...

You're being too optimistic. They'd disqualify us from food banks because we were public employees.