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Friday, February 26, 2010

Holy Flames of the Firespitter

Previously here, we've discussed Phil Keisling's self-appointed role as a spokesman for PERS reform. We've also discussed the flaws in Mr. Keisling's various proposals as they have sifted their way through the various levels of revision. Today, I want to direct your attention to Greg Hartman's analysis of Keisling's most recent proposal. Like my own analyses, Hartman's does not attempt to address the full scope of what Mr. Keisling says. Much of it is an historical recitation of PERS, which requires little conjecture or refutation. The rest, however, the remedies and etc, are the target of Mr. Hartman's response. You can read the Hartman answer to Keisling here.


Jackie said...

Your link isn't working. Can you just give us the URL.

MollyNCharlie said...

As always, Greg Heartman cuts to the heart of the matter and shares his insights in clear, easy to follow language. Thanks for sharing this with us!


mrfearless47 said...

The link is fixed now. Please refresh your browser cache or exit from the browswer and then re-enter. That will pull down the slightly emended code with the correct URL.

Jackie said...

Great! Just tried and it works.
Thank you,

GU said...

I grow weary of Keisling and others of his ilk that think nothing of writing "white papers", proposing legislation, or appearing on PBS programs with no need to verify their facts! Grrrrrr!

salem_abe said...

I had the misfortune of working for Mr. Keisling when he was Secretary of State. Of the five I served, he was by far the worst. In fact, I had the greatest respect for each of the other four who served during my tenure.

Keisling assumed office just after the passage of Measure 5 and he become an enthusiastic advocate of leaner and "smarter" government. For him, this often meant throwing his employees under the bus.

Keisling was an extremely inept administrator. His incompetence was only exceeded by the managers he chose to carry out the work of his office. Any savings he achieved by leaner and "smarter" government were easily offset by the cost of inept decisions made by him and his management team.