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Sunday, October 25, 2009

I Hate Yer Ugly Face

Strong words, but that's how I feel about the Sunday Whoregonian setting out on its agenda to derail PERS again. I can only hope that PERS offers some sort of rebuttal to this slash and burn job by our local bird shit cage liner. The paper has the local loonies enraged and they are frothing at the mouth over at Oregonlive.com, where you can get angrier and angrier as these Lars, Rush, Bill O', and Sarah Palin wannabes ply the bit bucket with small are large piles of bit shit to be dumped on all the lazy, overpaid public employees. I wish I could encourage you to engage these morons, but I have found that doing so only enrages them more. It is all heat, fire, but neither warmth nor light.

Make sure your fight is done with facts; just remember that facts are boring to people who don't want to bother with them. The anti-PERS rhetoric is brought to you largely by people for whom numbers are alien concepts brought to us by illegal immigrants.

The article I'm referring to lies on the front page (above the fold) in Sunday October 25, 2009 Oregonian. Read it, but for heavens sake do not buy this paper. The fewer people who buy the paper, the sooner its extinction will come. The only favor we can do ourselves is to hasten its demise, before they hasten ours.

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