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Friday, June 13, 2008

Mr Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore

He's on vacation as of today. He will respond to comments but will probably not generate any new posts unless something truly offensive happens in the next week. Please feel free to leave your comments and I will comment on your comments unless you simply speak truth to power. I expect that many will start getting the PERS letter about attorney fees. If they don't understand it, send them here. They may not understand it any better after coming here, but I'm sure they'll be madder than hell after reading my doublespeak (or is that PERS' doublespeak). Think of it this way. PERS will not give you the benefit of any doubt anywhere, anytime. They compute amounts owed to them based on your highest (and least likely) benefit, and compute what they owe you on the lowest benefit to which you are entitled. I like to think of this as being screwed at both ends simultaneously. Those folks at PERS have truly gone to the dark side. They reply ONLY to employers and to the Governor, both of whom have already told the retirees and members to "kiss off." Be grateful for what you have. It ain't gonna get any better.

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