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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Thug Passion

Just when you thought things couldn't be worse for Oregon PERS members, the news is floating around that Ron Saxton is encouraging his supporters to write him in as a Republican for Oregon Attorney General. The Republicans couldn't find any candidate to run in this month's primary for the AG position. Candidate-for-Life Kevin Mannix decided to run for the Oregon 5th District Congressional seat vacated by Darlene Hooley. As a result, the R's didn't have anyone credible to float for AG. They had all but decided to concede the race to either John Kroger or Greg Macpherson. Now, I'm reading in several different places that Saxton supporters have decided to write him in as the Republican nominee on their, otherwise, blank ballot for AG. He doesn't have to get very many write-in votes to make it to the November general election. My worst nightmare would be Ron Saxton vs Greg Macpherson. Talk about a race between two thugs. Yikes!


MollyNCharlie said...

You sure know how to take to fun out of a sunny day. With a big grin!


J Stevenson said...

So should registered Republicans write-in John Kroger to counteract Saxon's foolishness?

J Stevenson said...

So should registered Republicans be encouraged to write-in John Kroger to combat Saxon's foolishness?

Ryan said...

Have you seen the Macpherson campain add on TV? A rip-off of the Mac/PC comercials. Made me want to wash after watching it. The guy's a bit of a sleeze judging by the content of the ad.


mrfearless47 said...

According to the Oregonian's Jeff Mapes, Saxton has indicated that he is not interested in the AG's position. Being not interested, and not running seem to be two different things. What I haven't seen is whether Ron would accept the nomination if he had enough write-in votes for the position.

For those of you voting in the Republican primary, you could write your own name in rather than leaving the position blank. That would confuse things plenty.

gary said...

Just where is the good judge located? I've un-successfully tried to find his phone number in case I decide to give him a call and let him know how anxious we all are to hear from him soon.


J Stevenson said...

I think there might be a couple of interesting political scenarios. Suppose on May 20th Kroger wins the Democratic primary for AG and by write-in, the Republican primary also. Doing so would allow him to run against himself in the November General election. Perhaps more interestingly, suppose Macpherson should win the Demo AG primary and Kroger as a write-in win for the Republicans. Then they could have a re-run in the general election.