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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Shorty Wanna Be a Thug

I'm a bit rasty after watching several of Greg Macpherson's TV advertisements. These aren't ads for Macpherson as much as they are attempts to bitch-slap John Kroger. The one I find the most offensive is below:

Not only is this ad factually wrong (Kroger has practiced in Oregon), it is demeaning and offensive to John Kroger. While I have no idea whether Macpherson is shorter or taller than Kroger, Macpherson has amply demonstrated to me why he is an undeserving thug. Besides orchestrating the pillaging of PERS member and retiree benefits, he is following the same playbook as those who "swift boated" John Kerry. We don't need any more of this in Oregon politics. We don't need Greg Macpherson as Oregon Attorney General. I hope you'll join me in marking your ballots for John Kroger as Oregon's next Attorney General. With friends like Greg Macpherson, we don't need any more enemies.


George said...

I suppose you saw Greg Kafoury's letter in the fishwrapper today, extolling MacP for "reforming" PERS.

Since when does advising and assisting clients to commit Contempt of Court(s) constitute a good practice of law?

mrfearless47 said...

Kinda ironic when you add that Greg Kafoury is Ralph Nader's campaign manager in Oregon, SEIU just donated another $160,000 to Kroger's campaign, and Macpherson's loaning his own campaign $40,000. Doesn't sound like donors are coming out of the woodwork to bail Mac out.

Ryan said...

A "Mac" radio add mentioned that the current Governor (co-conspirator in the PERS mess) has endorsed him, go figure. Is that the kiss of death to a campain?!?!? The ad had a rather sugar sweet "have a nice day" sound. I'm guessing they are feeling the heat caused by their smear campain.