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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ring Them Bells

It truly was a good night for an election. I stayed up well past 11 p.m. (late for me) to watch the election returns on TV. I got to see Bojack blogging live on KGW. I watch as candidate after candidate I voted for was projected as the winner. Of course, there was no overcoming the pure exuberance of watching John Kroger coast to an easy victory over the late, but not lamented, Greg Macpherson. He may be out, but he won't be gone. Expect to see him in a run for Governor in 2010. We'll still be here opposing him in the primary if he does so. We shall never forget what a great friend of labor he was - not! I've gotten lots of "thanks" for my help in electing Kroger. I'll take compliments whenever they come, but I personally think that the thanks go to SEIU and OEA for providing serious financial help to fund John's campaign. Without their money, John wouldn't have been able to get his message out to voters. Even with nearly $400,000 in union money, John was still outspent in the primary by at least $50,000. Even more delicious was John's margin of victory - 58 - 42 according to the latest figures. Macpherson wasn't even close. I'd like to think we helped in a small way, but not enough to account for a margin of victory that great. It was the unions' victory to savor. I just get to gloat.

On another election result, Judge Henry Kantor was reelected (unopposed) to the Multnomah County Circuit Court. This was hardly a shocking development. Incumbent judges rarely lose and it is unimaginable to have an unopposed incumbent judge losing. But more significantly, now that Judge Kantor cannot claim the distraction of his reelection it is time to get moving on finalizing and issuing the PERS rulings in Arken and Robinson before White shows up on August 4 - 5. There are no longer ANY excuses for delaying. It might be time for some POLITE phone calls to Judge Kantor's offices expressing CONCERN at how long things are taking. For god's sake, don't do anything that would piss off Judge Kantor's office manager, or Judge Kantor. I think it perfectly reasonable to express concern that the decision is taking so long and that PERS continues to withhold benefits that we feel are rightly ours. But, DO NOT in any way criticize Judge Kantor or his slowness. Judges are human and they don't like to be criticized by angry citizen phone calls any more than we like them. So, be on your best behavior if you do decide to call. And, to make you think a bit more about this, I'm not going to do the research for you and post the phone number. There are way too many cranks in this world. This way, if you want to call, you can look up the phone number and make the call. Robocranks and other loons won't bother to do that. Think of it as my way of saving us from the actions of others.

Well, I'm going back to savor the victories, lick my wounds over a few defeats (like passing 3 more expensive and unnececessary Kevin Mannix, Measure 11, constitutional amendments). Enjoy the victories you experienced and lets get ready to move on to the November elections. Happy politics. Happy Wednesday.

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