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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Pocketful of Sunshine

I am delighted to report that our efforts on behalf of John Kroger were successful. Unless there is a credible Republican writein, Professor Kroger will become Oregon's new Attorney General. We PERS members and retires want to express our thanks to SEIU and OEA for providing John with the resources to take on Greg Macpherson and his well-funded cronies. I'm carrying around a pocketful of sunshine to enjoy everytime I think about Macpherson's ignominous return to Stoel-Rives. Losing 55% to 45% must be a particularly bitter pill for Mac to swallow. Perhaps future politicians will be more circumspect in passing legislation so fraught with legal peril and affecting so many traditional supporters. Bad decision Greg. Kinda like the old song: "bad dog, no biscuit".

I'm disappointed that Hillary didn't do better, and that Kate Brown trounced her opponents including Vicki Walker. I'm also sorry to see Jeff Merkley get the nod over Steve Novick. I had higher hopes that Novick would be a better challenger for Gordon Smith; now I'm a bit pessimistic about Merkeley's chances in November. I'm not a Republican, but I was sure happy to see Mike Erickson put a crimp in Kevin Mannix's attempts to win in House District 5. I think Mannix is now about 0 - 7 in statewide offices. Loren Parks' ROI for those donations to Mannix's endless campaigns is now beyond 0%; it is major negative territory.

Despite those few disappoints, tonight is a night for PERS members and retirees to be very happy. We have punished the worst offender still eligible for other public offices by eliminating him from politics for at least the next two years. It is hard to get any traction for higher office when you don't have a guaranteed bully pulpit to speak from. Goodbye Greg. We'll miss you -- NOT!


George said...

Be careful what you wish for with Mike Ericson. He has all the morals of a snake in the grass.

Inside info here. The paying-for-abortion FUBAR is only about halfway down on his boo-boo list.

Alan Bluehole said...

Kroger is great news! And in general, I'm happy with the rest of the results.

mrfearless47 said...


I wouldn't vote for Mike Erickson if my life depended on it. I'm in Kurt Schrader's camp all the way. But I despise Kevin Mannix and just want him to go away, far away, from politics. Of course, we've still got him; his ballot initiatives passed and that is more bad news for the Oregon economy. But I know Mike from my faculty days at PSU. He was student body president there. I know he is a sleaze, but sleazery is relative. He's a pocketful of sunshine compared to Mannix.