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Monday, February 18, 2008

All The Pigs, All Lined Up

I've received quite a bit of mail from readers upset by the latest piggishness from the PERS Board. People are understandably upset that active members have to give up 0.03% of their guarantee in 2009 to cover attorney fees involved in restoring the 8% guarantee. Kindo ironic that the legal fees reduce the "guarantee" anyway. And retirees are fit to be tied as PERS comes after them again for some, as yet, unknown amount of the 2008 COLA. All because the PERS Coalition won back the COLA, although there is some dispute about exactly what retirees won because PERS gave with one hand and took away with the other. Arken and Robinson should tell us whether that sleight of hand is okay or not.

I have bad news for all of you who have written and the rest of you who are fuming. What PERS is doing is precisely what PERS' attorneys (the California Pigs), the non-State attorneys (the Bill Gary Pigs), the State's attorney (Steven Walters and the Oregon AG's Office Pigs), *and* (drumroll, saving the best for last) the PERS Coalition attorneys (principally Greg Hartman). They signed this agreement back in early 2007, and none of these merry band of robbers bothered to complain during the sham of a PERB hearing last Friday.

Like pigs at a trough, all the lawyers have been paid, and we've all be suckered into believing that this litigation was for our own good. Somehow as my benefit is cut by $xxx (fill in your own large number here), my COLAs are based on some bogus amount that isn't what the Supreme Court said it should be, and now the final thuggish act of taking out attorney fees from our benefits, we now know that the system is rigged. Ostensibly it is for our benefit, but the custodians of our fate would sell us down the river in a heartbeat for legal fees. Be careful who your friends are and know who your enemies are. They might be the same people. Snarl.

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