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Sunday, March 06, 2016

Thank You

Just a quick post to thank all of the readers for their tremendous support of my efforts to keep you informed about PERS happenings.  Through your readership, your purchases through my Amazon link, your donations through PayPal, I never cease to be amazed at how valuable you think my thoughts are.  YOU all keep me going.  Although I am past the point where most PERS changes can affect me, I continue to be interested and intrigued by what kind of shenanigans the Legislature, the Media, the citizenry, and the national lobbying groups can think up to rob us of our rightfully earned and promised pensions.  So long as you think what I’m doing is valuable, and so long as I think I can keep up, this site will continue.


Again, my many thanks for your support.


Unknown said...

So happy to offer what support I can, like many others. I have personally benefited from listening to your thoughts. And the peace of mind I've received from understanding what I can do to protect y retirement is a gift beyond measure.

Gary Smith said...

Great jog Marc!!!

J said...

Yes - great job! Your insights are educational and serve as a guiding light to me, who is still working but watchful. Thank you!!!!

Unknown said...

There is no doubt PERS is not fully funded and agencies are going to have steep increases in their rates. You do not like Knopp's plan but if you were in charge what would you propose.

The last two legislative sessions have forced some really bad bills on Oregonian's that will raise the cost of gas, electricity, housing costs, and other living expenses. I think there is a good chance taxpayers will ultimately revolt and seriously restrict state revenue.

Steven Harley said...

Mark, I have followed your blog for many years and have really enjoyed the insight you have offered. I know you have always said the information is as good as what we paid for it but myself have found it to be priceless. My gratitude and thanks will have to be payment for now :-)

Bill S said...

As PEG said!!!
Thank you Marc!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Is there a link to an updated Cola Bank. Everything I have found ends in an error. Thanks