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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Take Your Hands Off It

I ran across this report the other day.  I thought I’d share it as it outlines how two groups have gotten into the public employee pension scrum across the country and they are trying to undo all of the progress made in gaining decent pensions for all public employees.  Don’t be foolish enough to charge the author with bias.  All reporting is biased to a degree, including that by the foundations the author is taking to task.  When in doubt, check the references at the end of the report to decide for yourself whether the bias is relevant or not.  Here is the link to the foundation report.


Paula Burkhart said...

I intend to forward a copy of this report to the Governor of Oregon and to Eugene's representatives to the Oregon State Legislature. I'm a retiree of the University of Oregon who now lives in California and I have had my "guaranteed" pension cut twice since retiring in 2003 and have paid out a lump sum for "litigation" of suits against PERS. Ridiculous! Thank you for all you do.

allsiegel said...

Thanks for this link. And thanks to David Sirota .

allsiegel said...

Thanks for this link. And thanks to David Sirota .

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