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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Your Luck Won't Last

For those wondering about the discontinuance of the income tax remedy for out-of-state residents, PERS has confirmed that the first check affected by the Legislature’s actions will be the February 1, 2014 check.  You may have received a letter about this, but nothing on PERS’ website indicates whether PERS is obliged to send you an individual notification of this reduction BEFORE it hits on 2/1/14.  Do not assume that if you haven’t heard from PERS that you aren’t affected.  You have until mid-December to confirm your tax status to PERS; otherwise PERS can treat you as an out of state resident if you didn’t pay Oregon Income Tax in 2013 for 2012.  If you are an Oregon resident, subject to Oregon Income Taxes (whether you have to pay or not), you are not affected by SB 861 and SB 822, but if you are in ANY doubt, confirm your residency status to PERS using their affidavit.  Otherwise, you might find yourself without the income tax subsidy for 2014 and have to wait until 2015 to get it straightened out.  Forewarned is forearmed.

Peace out all.  This is my final post until I return from Myanmar (Burma) on December 19.  I hope that all will have a relaxing and festive Thanksgiving, and a joyous run up to the Winter Holidays.  


1mootpoint said...

Safe travels.

Jim Lind said...

Public Employees Retirement System
11410 SW 68th Parkway, Tigard, Or
PO Box 23700
Tigard, Or 97281-3700

Re:Tax Remedy Decrease

Benefits Director:

I am requesting an immediate review of the monthly PERS benefit adjustment to remove the tax remedy because “you did not pay income taxes in Oregon because you are not an Oregon resident”.
This determination is ludicrous.

The determination is wrong because I own my primary residence at SW 23rd Street Gresham Oregon and have lived there full time since buying five years ago. I've paid property taxes on that residence the last five years. I have current accounts for all utilities and homeowners property insurance in my name at that residence in Oregon.
I have been a resident of the state of Oregon for the last 49 years and payed Oregon income taxes every year those 45 years. I currently work in Oregon (TriMet) where I have worked full time the last 5 ½ years. Oregon income taxes are levied on the payments earned. I currently have three motor vehicles and a boat registered at my current address in Oregon. I have a current Oregon Resident Angling License. I have a current State of Oregon resident CDL drivers license and have held an Oregon State resident drivers license continuously for 46 years. My eight year old son is registered and attending 3rd grade at Butler Creek Elementary School in Gresham, Oregon.

I seek immediate full removal of this “Tax Remedy Decrease” .

Please advise regarding your actions on this matter.

James G Lind


TeyunaSe said...

I feel similarly, and drafted a letter somewhat like yours...haven't sent it yet. But i found it quite alarming that the customer service rep with whom I spoke on the phone was of the opinion that PERS will NOT reimburse those of us who ARE residents, who they mistakenly identified as non-residents.