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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Shout out Loud

Not PERS related but associated.  For reasons I cannot explain, Yahoo has started to implement its new group format, called NEO.  Obviously they didn't watch The Matrix because NEO could fix any problem.  It seems more like Morpheus has taken over since the Yahoo group (POD), which is associated with this blog, has suddenly become a real mess due to Yahoo's weird and unannounced way of rolling out changes to the group.  I'm a victim right now too, and so far the only way I've been able to defeat the rollout is to use my desktop computer.  If you attempt to login and see a stretched out, pixelated picture of the Scrabble board or of Haystack Rock, you've been rolled.  At the moment I don't have an easy solution to the problem as Yahoo administrators are nowhere to be found.  So, PLEASE bear with us as we try to sort out the problems,  notify Yahoo, and pray they get fixed.  I don't know what or how the rollout is taking place, but if some of you still see the old group format, consider yourself fortunate.  I'm hoping I can find someone at Yahoo who owns this rollout and can get our problems fixed.  In the meantime, if people post and it looks all screwed up, please be kind.  None of us have any control of the format right now. Just hang in there; sooner or later all of this will be resolved (I hope).


Unknown said...

Good luck, Marc. I had re-tweeted some of your tweets and sent some of my own. Yahoo should clean this up before the business goes into full meltdown.


Pete said...

Spot on ! You can get around neo in the short term by creating a new account, and using the migration wizard to move your groups to the new ID.
I fear, however, that Agent Smith will eventually seek you out again.
Go here to tell Yahoo! what you think about Neo - and help vote it down.

mrfearless47 said...

Pete: the new account trick no longer works. I've been to the yahoo uservoice account so many times that my voice is getting hoarse from trying to shout in a crowded room. Yahoo is getting swamped with complaints, but they seem disinterested in changing course. Perhaps NEO will work out in the long run, but for right now, it is a full-scale catastrophe. From the perspective of group owner and group moderator, there are few functions that work at all, some work completely differently than before and now Yes means No, it is impossible to moderate messages.

I created a new account yesterday, migrated my groups to the new ID and by late yesterday afternoon, they had rolled me to NEO, thus defeating the purpose of the change.

I've had direct conversations with customer service, I've even gotten so far as to leave a personal message with Marissa Mayer's office manager. Nothing has helped so far.

Unknown said...

Marc, I have come to the conclusion that the only thing the yahoos at Yahoo will eventually hear is our 'voting with our feet.' It is time to move on. They have destroyed a good and functioning product. Things have been going down hill fast for a number of weeks. Plenty of folks have tried to get Yahoo's attention, asking them to patch their mistakes or revert to the format that actually worked. You and other moderators and bloggers have made a mighty effort to encourage Yahoo to self-correct. To our sorrow things have only gotten worse. Now apparently any ugly spam can show up just about anywhere on Yahoo. Enough! I am going somewhere else.