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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Bad Moon Rising

A few of my new readers have asked where I come by my snarky titles for the posts I write.  I suppose I should keep it a secret, but the conceit of the titles will be obvious if you go back through about a year of them because you will almost assuredly recognize many of the titles as "song titles".  I love music from all genres and have more than 10,000 cuts of music on my nearly full iPod Classic.  While I listen to it all, I don't necessarily love each piece of the music, but I've been known to invest money in a song just for its title, and I know that I will eventually use it in a post.  The clowns are everywhere, the "silly season" is now 24/7, and this creates a nearly endless list of possible topics upon which to write.  Sometimes I will just write a post to use a song title.  It is never an empty post, but I could probably reduce my posts by one-third and still manage to communicate effectively.  But, the allure of great song titles is captivating and so the writing continues at its current pace.

Thank you all for your continued reading and your continued support of my site.  I wish I could just pack up and freeze the site today for posterity, but it doesn't look like that is going to happen anytime soon.  The dark knights of the business community are out there poised to reign in our pensions, followed then by a reign of terror in their own businesses.  Lest you doubt what I am saying, you only need to look at the group called "Fix PERS Now".  While you won't learn too much from their web site, it is informative to look at the groups supporting "Fix PERS Now".  Dig deeply and see how many big, publicly traded, and privately held Oregon-based corporations are on the list.  You can be certain that by lending their support (and money) to this effort, that pensions, as we know them, are soon going to be as common as the dodo bird.  


CW NP Trip said...

Marc, I envy your creativity; I wish I had the same. Yes, I did notice the song-title theme. I hope you keep it up as well as your well written and informative posts.

Anyone with half a brain knows the likes of Fix PERS Now supporters and contributors have every intention of busting every union or organization dedicated to the protection of common workers in every industry, and padding their profit lines in the process. The battle will rage on long past our lifetimes.

mrfearless47 said...

I probably should have waited a few hours before posting this. The title would be just as apt for the proposal released for additional PERS reform coupled with a few tax increases and decreases. I need more time to digest the latest news, but it is clear the the Rs have upped the ante in the silly game called Legislative poker.

Maygin58 said...

Just an aside to your song title.....for years, well into my later adult years, I thought the line in this ccr song to which you reference was "there's a bathroom on the right" which I had no reservation loudly singing along. VM.... Oh...am now using your site for amazon purchases.

Cecile Pitts said...

Yesterday the oea sent me a text urging me to tell the legislators to pass the Ed bill. I wrote back that the Ed bill was being paid for with the retirements of older teachers...... How was that a good position? Where are these guys? This is wrong.

Open said...

This blog is a great public service. I posted a link at http://www.uomatters.com/ where there are many shell-shocked UO faculty. I know of 5 PERS/ORP who drove to Salem to get their retirement papers in today, rumor is that many more did