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Sunday, August 08, 2010


Sorry for the rude invitation to engage with Yahoo.  I'm not exactly certain how that post got there except to say that it was something I did in the fog of being jet-lagged from our trip to Europe (Netherlands, Italy, Croatia, Greece, and Turkey).  In any case, I *think* I inadvertently accepted an invitation to link my PERS blog with another PERS blog.  It turns out that I had linked to an invitation to receive updates from my own blog - what a moron I was to do that.  I have deleted the offending and stupid post along with any links that may have been created inadvertently.  We now return to our regular programming.

The only news I have to report is that the Oregon Court of Appeals will hear the appeals of the Arken and Robinson cases on Thursday September 2, 2010 at the Supreme Court in Salem at 9:00 a.m.  The cases are scheduled to be heard sequentially, not simultaneously as was originally reported.  Each side in each case will get only 15 minutes to present the essence of its argument.  This clearly means that the case will be argued through the briefs, not on the basis of what anyone says during the oral hearings.  This may be one of those instances where you will expend a lot of energy to get to the hearings, only to discover that not much of value is said and that you will come away knowing just as much as you knew before you left.  Nevertheless, these judicial exercises are always entertaining so if you have some time to kill, I urge you to attend.

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