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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Non Entity

That's what I think of our Governor. I had expected some action on SB 897 while I was away. I must have been on some hallucinogenic drug to think that. It has long been rumored that the Governor was unhappy with SB 897 and more rumors that he might veto it. In true cowardly form, the Governor seems to be choosing the "easy" way out. With near unanimous votes for this bill in both the House and the Senate, truly bipartisan support, the Governor would have to be crazy to veto it. It isn't that I haven't thought of him that way, but it appears more likely that the Governor will let SB 897 become law without his signature. Ted has until Thursday to sign or veto the bill. If we get through Thursday and the Gov has done nothing with SB 897, it automatically becomes law on Friday as it contains an emergency clause that makes it effective as soon as it is law.

It is truly a good thing that he is lame-ducked (dead-ducked). I could not ever imagine voting for that dolt again, regardless of who were to oppose him. The man has no backbone whatsoever, and he truly knows how to bite the hands that feed him. Can you say m-o-r-o-n.


MollyNCharlie said...

Isn't it a shame that our governor can sign the bill to extent health coverage to most Oregon kids, but can't sign this bill to protect retirees from public service in Oregon. The real kick in the teeth is that (other than the programing costs) SB 897 doesn't really cost PERS any more. It just requires they to stop passing on their mistakes to retirees. I'm thinking, can you spell lame duck!

mrfearless47 said...

I wouldn't dignify Ted with the moniker "lame duck" even though I used the term in my post. My choices would include "limp d***", "devout coward", and a variety more inappropriate, but certainly relevant, names. He has to be the worst governor I've lived under in my entire 40+ years in Oregon. Horrible.