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Thursday, February 26, 2009


Today one of our dumb-ass legislators made the suggestion that PERS retirees ought to forgo 8-10% of their retirement benefits to help the economy. This moron, Rep Wayne Krieger (R), District 1 had the audacity to comment:

"Krieger suggested that if all those receiving PERS government retirement gave up 8-10 percent, it would almost wipe out the deficit. Oregon is the only state in the union that pays 100 percent of insurance costs for employers. He states he is not against government workers at all, but thinks most folks would be willing to give up something in the recession to help so we can make it through this difficult period. "

I don't know what planet Mr. Krieger cruises on, but he is blowing smoke out his ass (forgive my language, but this just infuriates me no end). My advice to Mr. Krieger is to chat-up former Senator Greg Macpherson to find out what happens to legislators who decide to go up against PERS retirees and PERS active members. He isn't against government workers but then basically slams them against the wall with this comment that "Krieger has noticed the government does not do a good job when they have to make cuts. They go on as though things are OK. " I say bullshit Mr. Krieger! You don't know what you're talking about. Try being a government worker for a day, or two, or a week. We've got thousands of readers here who might want to correct your lying and dissembling anti-public employee attitude. Just remember Greg Macpherson when you come up for re-election in District 1. That's around Gold Beach in southern Oregon. You folks reading from down there ought to make sure you end this guy's legislative career on the grounds of gross stupidity.

I have to remind myself that we're into the second month of "silly season". This is the second month of the Oregon Legislature. Legislators with no intelligence and nothing to recommend them for future service usually come up with these dumb-ass ideas about now to gain some headlines. Fortunately, most of these guys end up in obliquoy. Sayonara Representive Krieger.


TruthSeeker said...

I've been waiting for the repubs to go after public employees and their bountiful retirement income.
We just need more tax breaks for the rich...thats the mantra.
Amen to your comments Marc.

mrfearless47 said...

I have to keep reminding myself that most of the truly dumb ideas for PERS come from legislators in Southern or Coastal Oregon, and occasionally from Central Oregon. Those of us in the Portland Metro area delivered payback royale when Macpherson ran up against John Kroger's buzzsaw for AG. I'm very glad I've got John Kroger instead of Macpherson. I still get monthly emails from Macpherson, who is trying to figure out how to keep his name in the news when he decides to run for Governor in 2010. Alas, he might end up running against Kroger again.

John said...

Way to go Marc...you took the words right out of my mouth. I sure am happy that your on our side, I too have had it with the bashing we have taken from some of our lawmakers...I am from district 21 & we know when to kick a lawmaker out for being stupid...

mrfearless47 said...

A commenter on another post reminded me that Rep Krieger is himself a PERS retiree, as if this makes Krieger's remarks any more credible. According to this commenter, Krieger is a P&F retiree. PERS retiree or not, Krieger is still a moron for even suggesting this idea. I've already given up about 8% of my promised retirement to make up for the PERS Boards stupidity back in 1999. I do not feel any special obligation to help out with another penny. PERS didn't put the state in this fiasco. It is Oregon's stubborn and foolish dependence on the income tax as its sole source of income that leaves it vulnerable to these kinds of slides in the budget. If they would consider taxing sales and lowering the income tax, their revenue would be more stable, and the state would be less susceptible to these cyclical roller coaster rides. PERS retirees shouldn't be asked to pay for the selfishness of others.