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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Changing of the Guards

America has awoken and it has spoken loud and clear. We have elected a new President at this critical crossroads in our history. I have hope again. I'm excited again. And I'm enthusiastic that if anyone can bring some sanity back to the United States, Barack Obama can do so. He crossed the partisan divide, the racial divide, and the gender divide to rack up an historic win in one of the ugliest political campaigns in my memory. Obama largely remained above the fray and let his opponents sully their own reputation by dragging up useless facts from Obama's past. But that is behind us now.

Regardless of how you voted yesterday, I hope that we all take the next two months to consider how this election will change the world's opinion of us, and our opinion of ourselves. We have made history. Let us all hope and pray to the deity of your choice, that President-Elect Obama can parlay this mandate he's been given into the massive transformation needed to restore our country to its greatness.


TruthSeeker said...

Here, here Marc. Well stated.

George said...

Changing of the "guards", indeed!

We simply have a new set of guards in new uniforms (nice blue color, though) outside our cell doors.

So when do we send a delegation to Gov. K and ask him to fire the entire PERSB? They are a hangover from the old (R)-controlled Senate days, and those days are but red dust on the rear bumper now.