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Monday, August 11, 2008

Limbo No More

The Bennett Hartman law firm has posted documents related to the White case and the recent hearing on August 7, 2008. You can read them here and here. These documents make it clear that the discovery phase of the trial is going to get very interesting as the PERS Coalition attorneys are seeking virtually every document in electronic form ever produced in the City of Eugene case and successors/ These documents include emails, voicemails, faxes, instant messages, Blackberry messages, text messages and virtually anything else involving communications between the attorneys and plaintiffs. As a tech geek, I was fascinated by the completeness of the request and the detailed form in which the request was made. It will be really interesting to see how the wide boys escape, dodge, and elude this request. Discovery is such a nasty weapon and it can be used so effectively in cases like this. For the first time in awhile my blood is quickening at the possibility of seeing what those sleazebuckets were up to in drawing up the "poison pills" in the "settlement agreement". The "settlement agreement" has always seemed to me to be such a brazen act of collusion between a group of employers, lawyers, and PERB.

The main act of this case begins October 23 and runs through October 27th in Judge Kantor's Courtroom.

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mrfearless47 said...

In the continuing battle between the two PERS discussion groups, I note that "retiree robert" has claimed supremacy on getting this information out first. Congratulations to RR on his timely request of the Bennett, Hartman, Morris, and Kaplan lawfirm to get them to post the documents. I was unaware of RR's request when I noted the documents on the Bennett, Hartman website in mid-afternoon today and wrote up my post shortly after reading the documents. Apparently the documents went up and there was a time lag before RR was notified since he did not post until about 5:45 this evening. My thanks to RR for his hard work in getting these documents posted and, as always, to Bennett Hartman for making them available.