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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

It Ain't Right

It is always nice to get those June communiques from PERS. Today's mail brought me the news that my July 1 benefit would be reduced by a significant amount - once only of course - to pay for my victory (?#!!!!) in the Strunk case. My share of attorney's fees in the Strunk case reduced my July 1, 2004 COLA by about 98%. I'm always thrilled to pay my fair share of a victory that could be best described as pryrrhic. Let's see. PERS loses in court and the court tells PERS "you can't withhold COLA from retirees. It is part of their contract." So PERS, in compliance, figures out a dodgy way to "give me" my COLA on some bogus benefit and then turn around and charge ME for the victory that retirees won in Strunk. Retirees got their revenge on Greg Macpherson. Now, if we can only figure out a way to exact similar revenge on Bill Gary, Paul Cleary, Mike Pittman, Eva Kripilani, Brenda Rocklin, Jim Dalton, and Tom Grimsley. May their souls rot in hell.


Lee & Tula said...

I too got my "Here's how much you owe our lawyers for suing you." letter. The Marquis de Sade would be proud of PERS!

Lee B.

nancy said...

so the people who took a lump sum were not dinged here.. right? how can this be so lopsided?

Lana said...

Even when we win we lose I guess.

I have come to think that PERS can basically do anything it wants as long as it is conceivably "for the good" of all retirees and future retirees. It can make settlements with city govts, reduce pensions of those already retired and reneg on written promises.

If we complain it will be said by PERB that this was all necessary to fulfill their obligations to future retirees. As to whether it really was necessary is a question of judgment and they have been given the power to make that judgment by Gov. Ted K whom we elected.

It's a lawyers dream. A complicated case that goes on and on ad infinitum spending thousands (millions?)of dollars. And where the Board can go on doing legally questionable things that harm us and, when they are sued, pay their defense fees with the plaintiffs'


ps--Hi Mark