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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Big Man With A Gun

Marion County's big man, Paul Lipscomb, is retiring at the end of this month. I told you that yesterday. But here's the irony. Lipscomb is retiring so that he can maximize his PERS benefit. While I can't begrudge Lipscomb his opportunity to game PERS to the max, I can't resist observing that for those of us who did the same thing, we've earned the public's undying enmity and wrath. But when the big man does it, he's a great public servant who deserves the benefit he's getting. So, Judge Lipscomb. Enjoy your "maxed out" PERS benefit. Laugh all the way to the bank. In the meantime, try not to think about all of those who who have used your ruling in the City of Eugene case to excoriate us "window retirees" for being "losers", "pigs at the trough", "lazy, undeserving public employees", and other such unpleasant epithets. We hope you enjoy your new life as a private mediator helping out august bodies who will pay you the big bucks to go along with your PERS monthly check. Like Greg Macpherson, we won't miss you either.


J Stevenson said...

So is he retiring to be eligible for cola to be kicked into gear right away like the sheriff up north or is there some other secret to maximizing ones PERS benefit?

George said...

I'm suspicious. What does PERSB have up their sleeves that they could have tipped hizzonable off about? Is there another Tier in the works? Is there a lawsuit about Judges and the Legislature cutting themselves a fat (PERS) hog whilst denying that to folks who actually slaved for theirs?

Or is this just another of the usual deals to retire during the term so the Guv'ner may appoint an "incumbent"?

mrfearless47 said...

Nothing on the judicial horizon that would make getting out now anything special for Lipscomb. The Gov doesn't appoint for county judgeships. It will be up to the Marion County Board of Commissioners to appoint his replacement who will have quite a run for the remainder of Paulie's term.

mrfearless47 said...


He will, of course, get maximum COLA. There are some other spiffs that Judicial members of PERS get that general service members don't. But Judges don't have guarantees, Money Match, or the variable any more. So, to the extent that he ever had one or more of those accounts, he may still have it and will maximize earnings on those accounts as he gets out. But Judges can only retire under Full Formula with a 2% per year of service formula.

John K said...

All circuit court positions in Oregon are state offices. The Governor will appoint to fill this position.

mrfearless47 said...

John K

Thanks for the correction. I'm always happy to be corrected if I'm misinformed. Will the Attorney General have any input into Circuit Court positions?