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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Let It Happen

Nothing new to report on the Judge Kantor front. No contradiction to my last report, although OSU sponsored a talk with Greg Hartman and Paul Cleary. During this talk, Hartman said he hoped for a decision from Judge Kantor in the next two months - safely within my source's predicted timeframe - while Cleary, the PERS executive director, trash-talked window retirees for sucking at the public trough (or so says an attendee). In the meantime, Dawn Morgan is busy talking to Corvallis retirees, but I haven't heard what she is saying. Dawn is not one of my favorite people.

Hartman doesn't speculate what will happen if Kantor rules in favor of retirees, and Cleary acknowledges having set aside a sizeable sum of money for "future litigation". Sounds to me like PERS is covering its bets. But Cleary cautions that the decision as to whether to go forward with appeals rests with the attorneys "...and the employers." Hartman thinks that, whatever happens, Kantor will encourage the Supreme Court to take jurisdiction and bypass the Court of Appeals.

All of this is premature. No ruling yet, but stay tuned. If my source is right, we should be seeing a ruling in the "real soon now." Maybe Judge Kantor would like to get a Spring Break too. His wife is a school teacher.

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Old Scout said...

Thanks for keeping your ear to the ground. Your Blog is the first thing I check every morning.

Lance Parker