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Monday, February 04, 2008

A Few Small Repairs

As you can see, I've done some remodeling to the site. All the previously available features are still here, but they may be relocated from their usual places. The "dots" started to bore me and I decided it was time for a few small repairs. I can't quite get the AdSense box right at the top and I'm still working on it. I have it there because it pays the bills. Hosting a blog isn't free, but the AdSense revenue pays for my hosting charges and for the software I use for posting quickly. Please leave comments for me about the color scheme (positive or negative). I make no claims to any design sense at all, and I use prefigured templates so that they look like I'm an artiste.

Nothing new to report on PERS except for the possibility of some minor housekeeping bills in the Legislature. Doubtful they'll come up in the Special Session, but AFSCME's Don Loving reports on several proposals floating around. None of these are relevant to retirees, but several may affect former PERS workers returning to work for a PERS employer. Stay tuned for more news.


gary said...

Testing to see if the gmail account angle works for me.

gary said...

I think the changes you've made look great. I hope you'll be able to get the "watched judges never rule" days counter back up and running. But then, I'm a masochist. Otherwise, I wouldn't have been a public employee for so long!

gary said...

OOPS. I didn't notice that the Kantor Counter is still working. Sorry

mrfearless47 said...


Doesn't the counter work for you. Run your eyes down the left side of the blog, just below the "About Me". It is there for me. I may need to tweak the font size or change the color, but it is definitely there. I'm thinking about a counter like my own widget that counts the number of days PERS has been breaking the law (since July 1, 2003)

gary said...

A question I've been wanting to ask for a while has been: once the good judge makes his next move, assuming it's in our favor, does the state then have the option to appeal and drag this out for many months or years?

mrfearless47 said...

Yes, either side can appeal the Judge's ruling - and either will appeal depending on which side "loses" initially. The next step is the Court of Appeals, and after that the Oregon Supreme Court. That said, the Judge can rule that PERS may not adjust benefits and must fix any benefits already adjusted. The Court of Appeals isn't likely to stop that process once it gets started. But, I don't expect this to be over until about 2012, now possibly 2013, given that Judge Kantor has taken so excruciatingly long to issue his final ruling.