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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Behind With The Rent

Got my notice today that PERS is "considering" my appeal. They were kind enough to acknowledge my challenge of their recalculations of my benefit. I used everything I could think of in my challenge, but I sincerely doubt they will find anything original, nuanced, or even clever about my approach. I figure that they'll either turn me down or Judge Kantor will issue his ruling before they get a chance. That way, there will be no doubt about how they will proceed. Either they'll fall further behind with the rent of my money, or I'll continue to fall further behind. Somehow, this whole process leaves me with a bitter taste in my mouth. I subjugate myself for 32 years to the company store, accepting lower pay for that elusive promise of a good retirement plan and then at the end, when all of us boomers hired in the late 60's and early 70's start to retire, they say, "oops, just kidding about that retirement. We don't have the money so you'll have to suck it up." Fortunately, I didn't get my nickname for no reason. If they think I'll just take their bullshit and go away, they haven't worked closely with me. My former boss used to hate seeing me coming because he knew that I had a congenital inability to accept "no" for an answer and he knew that my request would be well-formulated, reasoned carefully, and did not promise anything more than what would be delivered. I always got my way - except on salary issues that were constrained by union and OUS guidelines. I do not intend to go quietly into this night. So PERS, if you're listening, just remember that you'll never get the chance to say that we'll not have Fearless to kick around anymore. That will happen only when I take my last breath and my personal fitness trainer tells me that my work with him will add quite a few years to my life. So I'll be around to hector, pester, and ask all those annoying questions until I get what is owed me. I got the time, I got the patience, and a mean streak that usually makes people afraid, very afraid. So, I'm looking forward to doing business with you for many, many years to come.


Lance said...

I certainly hope so. Marc. You are a treasure.

George said...

You're a REAL wartime consiglieri.

mrfearless47 said...

It's nice to know I have admirers. Merry Christmas to all. Thanks George, thanks Lance. mrf