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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Excitable Boy

I woke up this morning and checked in with the blog to see if there were new comments to moderate. I hadn't been paying attention to the hit counter for quite some time. Today I see that we're past the 499,000 mark and closing in rapidly on 500,000 hits since October 2003. That's pretty amazing and I'm excited. Half a million page views in 4 years is pretty impressive. Not CNN and not Jack Bog, put compelling nonetheless. Either PERS members have nothing else to do, or the site has proven to be a valuable source of unexpurgated opinion, facts, and (occasionally) humor. The information never stops flowing; my brain never stops working overtime trying to figure out this whole mess. I guess I'm just an excitable boy who's enjoying retirement. Keep up the entertainment PERS. If I didn't have you to kick around, I guess I'd have to kick my dog. She's too cute to kick, so I guess I'll have to console myself that you're not cute, you're not cuddly, and your actions are ugly, mean-spirited, and illegal.


Richard said...

Dear Marc: I hate to rain on your parade but 250,000 of those hits are mine....just kidding! You might want to call me anxious boy.

Congratulations on the success of your truth campaign...it has help me and thousands like me.


mrfearless47 said...

Well, you'll have to share the other 250,000 hits with Tim, another avid reader. So at least I know I have two loyal readers. :-)

MollyNCharlie said...

Make that (at least) 3!