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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

It Ain't Right

Something is up at PERS. For the longest time I'd hear from a few readers per week about their invoices from PERS. I'd help them understand what PERS was doing and would point out how I might appeal if I were in their positions. Something changed late last week. I'm not sure exactly what happened, but all of a sudden my mailbox is overrun with notes from readers about being invoiced. Since yesterday, I've received exactly 25 emails from readers who found invoices in their mailboxes yesterday and today. Add that to the nearly two dozen I received last week and this adds up to a major campaign by PERS to push those invoices out the door. I find the timing somewhat suspicious. Of course I'm a conspiracy theorist. After all, I watch CSI, House, Grey's Anatomy, Cold Case, the Sopranos where everything is strange and suspicious. In PERS' case, I wonder if there is an in-house agenda to get the invoices out as quickly as possible so that by the time Judge Kantor rules, PERS can plead how complicated it will be to undo all the invoicing they've just busted hump to get out. And of course, with the plea will come the now-tired explanation that their staff is overworked and it will take a very long time to undo what they've done. And oh, how much money it will cost. This is common PERS blarney and I hope that Judge Kantor looks those dirtbag attorneys from California in the eye and says: "Tough shit cowboy. Fix it quickly." And I plan to be in court the day this happens, if Judge Kantor issues his ruling "in person." Otherwise, I plan to be a fly on the wall inside PERS and listen to the wideboys try to explain this to PERS staff by saying: "Whoops, the gig is up. We've exhausted that ploy. Time for some new lame excuses. Got any ideas." All the while, I'll be saying: It ain't right to make those PERS boys behave. They're bad to the core.

1 comment:

George said...

I agree, something's up.

Proof: they waited until just now to "invoice" any retired cops. PERS didn't want to take on the cops, who are a long chalk less likely than most to take this bushwah sitting down.

When you fling a turd at a cop, the cop generally commandeers a loaded manure wagon with which to totally bury the flinger in excrement. Just for the object lesson, that's all.

They just did invoice cops, though, so I also believe they have convinced themselves it's "now or never".

Makes no difference to me, they are still in contempt of Court, and will have to stand in the dock for THAT someday soon.

Also, another State agency, the Revenue Dept, previously used up those excuses in the strangely-similar lawsuits brought against THEM by Oregon Federal retirees who were discriminated against by the Revenue Dept.

In those cases, the Revenue Dept dragged their feet so badly that the case, which could have been expeditiously settled for under $US100M, wound up costing $US600M+, all of which had to come out of the taxpayers pockets.

Oh, I almost forgot, PERS was involved in those cases also, having been brought up short by several judges for using sham/scam tactics to hide money and claim that "compensation" had already been paid. Look for PERS to drag out these tactics again.

I still say a RICO lawsuit will cut short these shennanigans and get our money back the quickest. If a RICO verdict is returned, the usual situation is for the court to appoint a Special Master to dole out PERS' ill-gotten gains back to the victims, and the PERSB could do no more than sit back, cry in their beer and watch it happen.