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Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Sad Cafe

It has been rumored for some time that PERS staff had gotten their act together and had started invoicing COLA freeze members for the overcredits and had started to revise their benefits. I've been hearing stories for about two months now. I was, at first, puzzled since the official PERS timetable showed COLA freezers not being hit until April 2007. However, the stories I've been hearing have finally been confirmed when PERS posted a revised timetable last week showing that COLA freezer billings began in December 2006. So for those of you hoping that PERS might await the outcome of Arken and/or Robinson, the answer is now in. They aren't waiting, and we can now all join one another at the sad cafe, as more and more of us see what PERS has in store for us.

I guess that if there is any synchronicity in this, it is that I won't have to stare down the barrel at a PERS invoice about the same time the IRS extracts its annual 10,000 pounds of flesh.

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