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Monday, March 06, 2006

Something Real

Note: 4 pm. Several emailed me to note that the link below was broken. It was then, but now it is fixed. I miscopied the information sent to me. Nothing sinister is going on. Everything should be fine now.

A friend passed on this link to an email from Greg Hartman to one of the member groups in the PERS Coalition. I'm sure it went to other members, but it has not been posted elsewhere yet. This offers, for the first time, the PERS Coalition's more formal views on the deployment of the PERS reserves and attempt to put to rest the employers "poor pitiful pearl, we are in a crisis" argument. The third item should be read and studied carefully as it pertains to all of the "window retirees" who are about to receive the PERS notification of error letter. After I've had a chance to think about this and chat with others "in the know", I *may* post back here with some thoughts. In the meantime, this is the first "real" information I've gotten for awhile. Thanks to the AEEO for posting this.

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