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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Get on the Natch - Part V (Catch 22)

In my continuing effort to expose the many ways PERS tries to shoot itself in the foot by pointing the gun at its head and watching the bullet travel through its entire body, I offer yet another real story from yet another real PERS retiree. All the changes PERS and the Legislature have made are bad enough, but stupid, inept, and timewasting mistakes are unconscionable. PERS should be stoned for this one.

"If anyone has seen the movie "Brazil", about a society evolved to the point where it becomes locked in immobility due to excessive and inflexible bureaucratic paperwork, one can easily appreciate how Brazil-like PERS has become.

For example: My request to withdraw my IAP was rejected for improperly completing the Effective Retirement Date field. The form says: "I am applying for an effective date of retirement the [bold] FIRST DAY OF_____________(month)_____________(year). So I put "August" and "2005) in the two blanks. WRONG!! My application was returned and the form stamped "INVALID". Confused, as I retired effective August 1st. 2005, I called PERS to ask what I should have put in the two blanks to complete it correctly. The answer: "August 1st 2005". Yup, Even though there is NO blank for the DAY, and even though the blank is proceeded with the words "..the first day of" in bold, no less, you apparently STILL have to put in the Month and the DAY in the "month" blank.

So I must complete an entirely new application packet because I didn't know that the words "first day of" on the PERS form are actually meaningless to them unless you actually write in that the first day of August is August 1st. After all, possible in the PERS world, the first day of August may indeed be August 3rd.

I will probably need to include a form 47/b and send the whole thing back to "Central Services" attention "Information Retrieval" department, which as we all know, does not give out information (That's, of course, "Information Disbursal").

Hmmm, I can't imagine why their workload is so high??"

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